Our product range:


  • W35 Welding rod production machine
    We provide the extrusion line Plaspitec W35 for plastic welding production, which is worldwide very spread. Plastic fabricators (tanks, manholes, apparatus) use our machine as well as full-time welding rod producers. If you have a demand of more than 1000 kg/anno it is already efficient to work with our machine!

  • Software PROFITank 
    Software for structural static calculation of vertical thermoplastic tanks, is based on the German Calveta ACT. With our software you are able to design and calculate the tank you need, no matter if it is for harzardous media or simple water. PROFITank provides the most efficient way of design-calculation. For our clients we offer also a special training for designing plastic tanks and the use of PROFITank.

  • Welding Machines
    Plaspitec has agreements with several market players for selling welding machines and  equipment. Because of our network we are very often able to provide the most efficient  technical solution with competitive prices. We are an approved dealer of Krah hand welding extruders and Krah Electrofusion machines. For Butt fusion machines we collaborate with European machine manufacturers only.

  • Profile Remover
    The Plaspitec Profile Remover is especially designed for removing the profile-structure of pipes with structured wall. The simple handling enables a quick and safe removal of the outer profile. Either as preparation for joining nozzles or for manufacturing a spigot-end for an electrofusion pipe joint. See also the movie on youtube and download our product information.

  • Infrared Heater Systems
    We are dealing with Infrared heater solutions for Krah pipe production plants and otherplastic production processes. We always have infrared bulbs in different designs on stock!

  • Brass wire for Krah electrofusion technology
    The Krah electrofusion technology has been used for more than 1 Million joints since invented in the 90‘s. We have the original brass wire, approved by KRAH, always on stock!